Introducing the
Vscan Family

With the Vscan family products you could redefine physical exams
with quick and immediate visualization

The potential values of a redefined exam include:

Clinical Value: Adds information to exams; helps speed diagnostic decisions;
helps get right patient to right exam.
Economic Value: Helps reduce unnecessary testing, and optimizes valuable resources.
Physician Personal Value: Portable, intuitive and quick to use; helps deepen patient connection.
Patient Value: The Vscan family of pocket-sized ultrasound systems can benefit your practice and your patients.

Vscan pocket-sized ultrasound products help provide proven results. Learn more about Vscan and Vscan with Dual Probe:


Handheld, pocket-sized visualization tool powered by ultrasound technology that
enables you to visually inspect the inside
of your patient’s body during a physical exam.

Vscan with Dual Probe

The first pocket-sized ultrasound with two transducers in one probe.